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I am an Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering at the University of Chile and researcher at Instituto Sistemas Complejos de Ingenieria. I am also an Associate Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School.

My research focuses on empirical research in Operations Management, with applications in service industries, healthcare and the public sector. I am Department Editor of the M&SOM journal from the INFORMS research community.

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Research Publications

Basso, L., Goic, M., Olivares, M., Saure, D., Thraves, C., Weintraub, G., et al. “Analytics Saves Lives during the Covid-19 Crisis in Chile.” Forthcoming in INFORMS Journal of Applied Analytics, Franz Edelman Special issue.

Olivares, M., Musalem, A., and Yung, D. “Balancing Agent Retention and Waiting Time in Service Platforms.” Forthcoming in Operations Research, Special Issue on Behavioral Queuing Science.

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